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A leading health center dedicated to providing personalized state-of-the-art solutions for chronic pain sufferers. Our experienced health team offers one-on-one specialized care to each patient, ensuring a great treatment experience and effective outcomes. If you’re looking for long-lasting relief from chronic pain and a holistic approach to health goals, The Discover Wellness Center is here to help.

Here are Our pillars of success as a Practice

We are a concierge style practice. That means our patients can always expect to reach us and to receive effective care. These 3 values set us apart from other health care offices and models.


A Personalized Approach to Care


Methods with a commitment
to Learning


Lasting Relief and Life-long Support

Your Freedom & Wellness is our #1 priority

We focus on individual patients who desire a concierge-style approach to wellness. We also offer coaching, training, and education to other doctors and health practitioners throughout the United States to help more patients enjoy life again. Our first priority is serving patients who need us in Butler, Pennsylvania, where our clinic is located, and in the surrounding areas.

aBOUT Dr. Ram Parikh

Doctor of Chiropractic

Based in Butler, Pennsylvania, Dr. Ram Parikh, D.C. of the Discover Wellness Center is dedicated to helping patients discover how to enhance their body’s self-healing abilities to improve or eliminate neuromuscular disorders and chronic pain. Rather than simply treating the symptoms, you come into the office with, Dr. Parikh is deeply invested in figuring out the underlying causes of your condition in order to more effectively treat it.

A graduate of the Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri, Dr. Parikh has nearly two decades’ worth of experience treating patients who are affected by a wide range of symptoms and conditions. Dr. Parikh believes that “Life is a miracle. We all have the natural capacity to function, grow, and heal.” That’s why one of his primary goals is to help his Butler, PA area patients bring harmony back into the brain-body connection and allow the body to facilitate the healing process.If you are searching for a chiropractor who focuses not only on treating but also educating his patients on the causes of sickness to foster greater health, call to request an appointment with Dr. Ram Parikh at Discover Wellness Center.

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